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About Daniel

Daniel was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a sprawling suburb of Minneapolis.

When Daniel was in elementary school, his family lived on a hobby farm with an assortment of farm animals (one chicken, one cow, three pigs and lots of horses). It was here Daniel realized his special affinity and concern for animals.

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His favorite things were horseback riding, drawing and taking photographs. Daniel always had his camera handy.

Art, music, math, English and the sciences came quite naturally to young Daniel. He won his fifth grade spelling championship.

Daniel began taking guitar lessons at the age of 10. He also designed and built his first Soap Box Derby car for competition in Minneapolis.

At 13, he won the Minneapolis Soap Box Derby and was flown to Akron, Ohio, to compete with other champions from around the world.

At 13, he also started his first rock and roll band.

At 15 years old (and armed with a brand new drivers license), Daniel led a band and taught guitar lessons (house-to-house) around Minneapolis and the lakes areas. His band competed in statewide contests.

Daniel also did some live modeling for Munsingwear and photographic modeling for Crestliner Boats.

One of Dan's biggest influences during this time was his neighbor, Al Shendel; owner of a very successful ad agency in Minneapolis.

Daniel's favorite high school classes were art, music, trigonometry, plane geometry, chemistry and physics. He participated in track, wrestling and football.

Daniel was awarded top honors for his cartooning in the Eden Prairie High School newspaper by the Minnesota High School Press Association.

Just after graduating from high school, Daniel's band was awarded a recording contract with the Date label (Columbia Records of New York).

While Daniel was attending art college in the Twin Cities, he was offered a job as an advertising artist at the Minneapolis Star and Tribune newspapers.

During this time, he also played in a band that performed concerts throughout the Midwest. The band also recorded radio commercials for local businesses. The band caught the eye of the Smothers Brothers. Tom Smothers personally paid for a number of recording sessions.

Daniel learned he was to be drafted, so he enlisted in the Navy. He attended Navy communications and electronics schools around the country and was then assigned to the communications division aboard the guided missile cruiser, USS Columbus; a U.S. Navy flagship assigned to the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. He was granted a top secret clearance.

While overseas, Daniel's USS Columbus band performed at USO's, officer's clubs and other venues in Malta, Italy, Sicily, France, Spain, Mallorca, Greece and Turkey.

Also while overseas, he also won third place honors in an international photography competition sponsored by 3M.

After the Navy, Daniel returned to Minneapolis and the newspapers. Within a couple of years, he married and moved into a new home on Clearwater Lake near Annandale, Minnesota.

In 1970, he founded Daniel Signs in Minneapolis. This company produced custom signage and tradeshow displays. His client list became quite impressive. Festivals and events around the nation also began requesting his services. He soon found himself traveling to Denver and Detroit many times throughout the year.

His company was one of the first in the Midwest to utilize specialized computers (CAD/CAM) for signs and graphics.

Daniel won international awards for his sign designs.

Daniel sold the sign company in 1991 to pursue  video production and Internet related interests. He produced promotional videos for custom home builders around the Twin Cities. Within a short time, he also found himself designing web sites for clients around the country.

In 2000, Daniel was appointed media manager for a strong political challenger in a bid for a seat in the Minnesota State House of Representatives - Minneapolis District 62A. During this time, Daniel met with Governor Jesse Ventura several times.

In 2003, Daniel won an award for his design of the American Wings Air Museum web site.

Daniel was a founding member of Single Volunteers of the Twin Cities in 1999. He created and maintained their lifeline - their web site - for three years. Relying solely on the web site Daniel created for communications and new membership, the organization grew from a handful of volunteers to today's membership of over 5,000.

Daniel still volunteers whenever he can around greater Phoenix and sometimes in Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

His favorite interests remain... art, design, music, photography, video and visual marketing.

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American Wings Air Museum
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