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Site Development - The Process

DEVELOPMENT of your new web site begins with Daniel Design Group's exclusive "web site goals evaluation." This evaluation helps us determine the goals of your new site and what is required to accomplish these goals. We also determine your primary and secondary target audiences.

The development steps

After the  web site goals evaluation is completed, Daniel Design Group searches for your competitor's sites. What do their web sites look like? What are they doing to attract business? What marketing strategies are they using? How are they ranking with search engines?

Daniel Design Group then goes to work to arrive at the best means to achieve your goals... developing "headlines," text content, photo and graphics content, colors, font selections, page layout/design and linking. We also develop the wording, phrases and scripting search engines will need to most effectively find your site.

The theme concept page

Then, we create a "theme concept" page. This page is a graphic representation (much like a drawing) of your main page.

The storyboard

We also create a "storyboard" or schematic to map out the most effective linking within your site.

A typical storyboard or schematic

The independent critique

Daniel Design Group realizes web site visitors have different likes and dislikes. So, we offer our clients another exclusive, "the independent critique". We invite a group of individuals (those familiar, and not familiar, with your type of business) to critique your new theme concept page.

With this critique, we discover things that work, or may not work, about the concept.

We make necessary adjustments and have the concept critiqued once again before we proceed with the final theme design.

Creating the pages

You're able to look at your pages as they are created. We post your "site in progress" at a special address where only you can view it. This allows you to provide input and adjustments as we progress; you don't have to wait until afterward. See actual examples of "sites in progress" -

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