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  Bigger Picture
Video & Sound Production

Online videos that engage, inform, instruct, entertain, celebrate and entice.... rising far above typical boring online presentations.

Using the same audio and video editing products many of today's television productions use.


Recording on & off site
Digital video editing & mixing
Titles & credits design
Transitions & effects
Music & voice soundtracks
Video format conversion
Modeling talent available




Bigger Picture news...

Cirque Du Soleil
Angels roam throughout San Diego for two days and nights promoting Cirque Du Soleil's new show, Corteo. 
See Windows Media video    See Flash video

Western Movie Set
Western characters and settings. Compose music. 
See Windows Media Video

Warrior Boats Video
Client had a long video presentation for boat shows and dealers. The length of this video was unsuitable for web use.

Solution: Shorten video. Remove existing audio. Add titles. Compose and record percussion background. Converted to Flash video.

Note: This video has sound

Warrior Boats 2007 Video, Sound, Animation
Client needed an "attention getter" header for their new Daniel designed web site.

Note: This video has sound

Customer Testimonial Video
This client created a video for DVD distribution. It needed to be edited and resized for web use.

Solution: Video was been edited and converted to Flash Video for viewing on the web.

Note: This video has sound

Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts
Phoenix mayor, Phil Gordon, posted a link to Daniel's ad hoc Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts video from the city's "State of Downtown" web page.

Mayor Gordon wrote, "I hope you'll be able to come back this weekend to experience what we're calling the Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts.  And believe me, this is something you truly have to see to believe. I love these Artists. And Phoenix loves the Arts."

Note: This video has sound


Digital sound editing & mixing
Voice-over add-ons
Music add-ons
Sound effects add-ons



Professional voice talent
Voice-over editing & mixing
Sample Voice-Over





Big Pete Pearson Video 1
Photographs edited to synchronize with music. Graphics and titles added. Converted to Flash video.

Big Pete Pearson Video 2
This is a playful music video. Check it out.
Photos and video edited to synchronize with previously recorded music. Sound editing. Graphics and titles added. "Crowd noise" enhanced to liven atmosphere. Converted to Flash video.

Note: These videos have sound

Get In Gear 10k Video
10k running race. Client supplied video. Video edited. Titles added. "Crowd noise" enhanced to liven atmosphere. Converted to Flash video.

Note: These videos have sound


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Voice-Overs & Narration
Male Sample - Thomas (Train) Walker

Female Sample 1 - Rene Schlimm -

Female Sample 2 - Debra Mark - click here for Debra's web site


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